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Conduit protective cable manufacture for industrial machines

Replacement machine cables for rotary tables and machine tools

Temar Precision Engineers Ltd is a family run business in the heart of South Yorkshire’s industrial centre specialising in the provision of replacement cables for rotary tables and any heavy industrial plant.

With over 50 years’ experience, of engineering and cable making, our cables are produced promptly, and usually manufactured within 24 - 48 hours from our vast inventory of cables, connectors, fittings and liquid tight conduits.


We have a broad range of cable customers. A few are listed below

Cable replacement service

We can create replacement cables for any of your machines, and store them securely, in anticipation of a cable failure. Should your old cable fail, we can then provide you with the replacement immediately. We would then repair the damaged cable whilst your production carries on without delay. We will securely store the repaired cable for you as ongoing insurance.


Our prices are competitive, but reflect the hard work, experience and dedication we bring to each of our cable products. We do not skimp on parts, and always opt for the tried and tested components that we know will provide excellent service. We have abandoned some component lines when experience has told us that they are not sufficiently robust in typical industrial environments.


We are just a phone call away, and can quickly answer your enquiries by phone or email. We have been producing cables for the biggest players in the industry for a number of decades, and you can be sure, whatever problem you have we have seen it, fixed it, and the solution works.